Friday, January 11, 2013

Confetti Blue Bombshell

This color, Blue Bombshell by Confetti, was not at all what I was expecting when I put it on.  By looking at the bottle you wouldn't know but it was incredible opaque.  With just one coat it was practically clear, it was still pretty but I am not a big fan of opaques.  After the second coat it was much better and I could have probably stopped there but I threw on a third coat and I loved it!  It is a beautiful light cobalt blue that is almost teal when the light hits it.  It went on smoothly and the only difficulty I had with it was trying to make sure no one nail was darker than the others because the littlest difference in thickness drastically changed the color.
Also sorry about the crap picture, I don't have a nice camera at the moment so I am just using my phone for now.

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