Saturday, February 2, 2013

Black & White Chevron Nail Art

Here is some more nail art for you guys! I was looking for some ideas when I came across this post and I absolutely loved it.  Sadly mine did not turn out quite as good but here you go.  I did not have the beautiful gold silver color used so instead I decided to just use a silver metallic color by Creative called Times Square.
I started off with one coat of Times Square which is a beautiful polish but the application is absolutely dreadful! It is thick and streaky, not nice at all.  After that dried I used nail tape to add the design with relatively straight lines.  I used Confetti Black Tie and Sinful Colors Snow me White for the other colors.  The black was easy one coat no problems but the white needed 2 coats to be completely opaque.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Polka Dot Nail Art

I was feeling like doing something fun so I decided to try out some different polka dot designs for my manicure today.  I started off with three coats of OPI's Shootout at the O.K. Coral which is a bright hot-pink, coral color.  The polish was a bit translucent so it needed three coats to be completely opaque.  I then used Sinful Colors Aquamarine for some fun dots.
On my thumb I just did diagonal rows of dots which turned out quite pretty.  The pointer finger was just dotted normally.  On my middle finger I tried out a gradient dot design which I really liked.  My ring finger I left plain and just dotted three large dots on my pinkie.  For all of the dots I just used the back of a nail art brush and it worked fine.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OPI Is That Silvia?

I got this polish a little while back for christmas and I finally got a chance to try it out.  It is one of the magnetic polishes from OPIs Skyfall collection that came out at the end of 2012.  It is a shimmering light grey with a pattern of a darker grey that varies in darkness depending on how long you hold it under the magnet.   The two contrast beautifully and the pattern definitely shows up which I was worried about before trying it.  It came with the diagonal stripe design magnet but it works with any other magnets as well, however the stripe is the only one I have right now.
The application is a bit tricky just because you need to do the design quickly before the polish starts to dry.  This meant I had to paint one nail, use the magnet, paint the next nail ect. and that took a little longer than normal.  The polish was also a bit translucent with one coat, although you could probably still just do one, so I used two, painting the two coats quickly as I could before using the magnet.  Besides the slight rush the application was pretty great, the brush as always with OPI was amazing, and the polish was a good thickness and it also dried remarkably fast.  For a first try with magnetic polishes it worked amazing now I just can't wait to try out some others, and maybe some different magnet designs as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Essie Sand Tropez

I have been looking for a nice beige for a while now and the other day when I was at Target I grabbed this and I love it!  Essie describes it as "a soft sandy beige" but to me it seemed to have a more grey undertone than a sand colored one.  However, even with the poor name choice I thought it was a beautiful beige that worked well with my skin tone which is always an issue with beiges.  The application was a little thick but with two coats it smoothed out and looked great.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

OPI Conga Line Coral

This color is an old one that I got so long ago I can't even remember but I decided to show it to you guys anyway.  It is called Conga Line Coral by OPI and it is pink tinted slightly orange.  I know it looks very dull and orange in the picture below but I was just having a lot of difficulty getting the color to show well, and it is actually much more pink.  As usually with OPI the application was easy and it is a truly beautiful, eye-catching color.
 I was experimenting with some nail art so for my ring finger I tried to do a cheetah freehand design.  I started with Sinful Colors Snow Me White for a base coat and then used Conga Line Coral for the inside of the spots which I lined with Sinful Colors Secret Admirer.  Obviously it was not amazing but for by first try I liked how it turned out.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Spoiled Your Fly's Down

So first I have to say the name of this nail polish really made me laugh, Spoiled a brand by Wet n Wild always has the best names!  So for this mani I decided to do a little patriots nail art for the big championship game tonight. On my ring finger I started off with Snow Me White by Sinful Colors and then used Your Fly's down, I Don't give a Rotterdam by OPI, and a red whose name I don't know also by OPI for the Pats logo.  I really liked how it turned out despite the fact that it was one of my first attempts at free hand nail art.  The rest of the nails however I did not like as much, the polish was too thick and came out quite poorly in my opinion but overall a pretty good mani.  Only disappointment was the actual football game.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

NYC Starry Silver Glitter

This is NYC's Starry Silver Glitter over gorgeous by Sinful Colors.  This polish is a thin silver sparkle with cobalt blue and mauve colored small hexes.  The sparkles are pretty dense but the hexes are hard to find and I had to dig around about to find some.  I really like this glitter however because of the different colors that will go over basically any color, I especially want to try it over a black and maybe white too.  The application was a bit tricky due to the small amount of hexes and the polish was also a bit thick but one coat was definitely enough.  I think two coats would have been too much of the silver sparkles as it was already so densely packed.